End of the Quarter, and L.E.!

So the quarter is finished. I can hardly believe how far I have come, and how hard I have worked. These ten weeks have absolutely just flown by, with a combination of interviews, applying to jobs, school work, team meetings, class, reading textbooks etc.

I have enjoyed every moment of it though, and will greatly enjoy the downtime until class starts again in January. Sarah and I leave for Richmond Dec 22nd, so if anyone is still in town, please get in touch! The job search continues, though I am moving forward every day, and I maintain belief that something will happen soon.

Sarah is in the process of wrapping gifts. This is the most Christmas shopping I have ever done, as we had to get gifts for both of our families. My favorite gift is for my Dad. I bought him over 100 energy efficient light bulbs, as my family has yet to convert, and the light bulbs are almost free given the subsidy from AEP (the power company.) I start to think I have fallen pretty far, getting excited to buy light bulbs as a Christmas present, but hey, they were cheap!

L.E. continues to grow. When we took her to the vet recently, she is up to 15.2 lbs. Rob has been asking for pictures, so here you go!