First Quarter has Unofficially Ended

Both of my finals for this quarter were take-home finals so I buckled down and got them done.  I still have to go to class today to turn my MHR 851 final in, but as far as using my brain goes…well, it has stalled for the next couple days.  I would like to say for the next three weeks, but I know that isn’t true.  Grad school is an ongoing process and although I am going to allow myself a few days of complete laziness, I know I will be chugging away and getting things ready for next quarter very soon.  I actually already have a homework assignment that is due the first day of class for next quarter.

I thought when I completed my last final that I would be extremely excited. Instead, I felt really sad and I actually feel a little lost now that my finals are done.  Hmm…what do I do now?  Weird, but true!  I don’t have a lot of hobbies and  I’ve gotten into a mode where if I am not sitting in my basement studying, I am in class or “networking” with my classmates.  My friend who is also in grad school called it the inevitable letdown.  He said it happens to him too and thinks it is because the entire quarter we are in fight or flight mode and then everything just suddenly stops.  Oh well, I’m sure this will pass and I’m looking forward to getting together with old friends over break.  There is nothing like being with the people who know me best!