The end is near. The long quarter, which is a blur to me right now, is nearing its end. A little less than 24 hours remain. Can already smell the festivities planned at Varsity Club. But as I was flipping through my notes I came across my ‘Notable and Quotable’ list.

So here are a few of them, in no particular order:

“you can’t always get what you want”

“Consulting is the new coal mine”

“poor Raj!”

“Is money like Newtons’ law of physics: value can’t be created, it can only change hands”

“Markets work except when they don’t”

“Create value and not claim it, in other words, don’t be a pirate”

“I am not sure about how many ‘muches’ to use”

“Either protect yourself from exploitation, or exploit others”


“Things are really not that bad!”

“It is ‘this morning’ and not ‘today morning'”

“What are the 5 magic words?”

“Be successful, be happy and be significant:

“Monkey crap”

“I didn’t know what I learned in kindergarten will help me solve FSAs”

“Monkey crap”

“Once again, this has nothing to do with accounting”

“I need sleep!”

“You can call us uncle and aunty, tonight”

Happy Holidays!!!