Cyber Monday?

I like to think of myself as somewhat tech-savvy, internet savvy, or maybe just computer savvy. I can find most anything online, even a new battery for my fiance’s 4+ year old laptop which is about dead. Friday morning, when I was on my way out the door for some amazing Black Friday deals, I heard on the radio this new phenomena of “Cyber Monday”. Have I really been that out of the loop that I had no idea this existed? So this morning, when I got to work, I briefly looked at all of the online sites I typically buy from, and despite today being a ‘great deals’ day, I find nothing out of the normal and all prices are seemingly unchanged. Oh well – that means I don’t have to spend any more money ;).

It’s almost Christmas Break. A very exciting time for me. Not because of Christmas itself, but because I’m going to be doing a lot of planning for my wedding. My mom teaches 2 classes at OSU and has been swamped with those and I’ve been really busy with grad school and my fiance lives in Michigan (don’t worry, he goes to MSU – it would be a deal breaker if it were that other school up north), so everything I’ve wanted to do has been put to the wayside and put on a ‘to-do’ list for Christmas Break. We did, however, order our Christmas Cards, which are conveniently our Save-The-Dates. Mostly for our out of state guests that we don’t talk to on a daily basis. I thought they turned out wonderfully! I’ll let you know what everyone thinks of them.

Happy Christmas!
Happy Christmas!

In other news, this week is my big presentation for MHR 851. My group is fabulous and we’ve really worked hard to get this thing off the ground. Our paper is due next Wednesday, during the final, and it’s in the editing stages. We’re finalizing out PowerPoint tonight and we should be ready to go! Exciting!

Happy Monday!