Fall (is) Back

May I just announce that this time of the year is my favorite! First of all, Halloween in the top three holidays of the year. I LOVE the creativity and humor in all the costumes. Since I've been in Columbus, I've always enjoyed the Short North, and it just so happens that they throw one of the best parties in the town. There's a costume contest with celebrity judges- this year was someone from Project Runway (can't remember who, though.) I was in a bit of a costume bind this year, so I ended up going as a 40/50's jazz lounge singer ( a la Billie Holiday, Ella, etc.).Think red lips, curled and pinned hair, lots of lashes and powder, & retro dress. It was fun- I felt very ladylike.

Another thing that is so delightful (yes, really) is the weather and the changing/ed leaves. I think it almost inspires people to squeeze the last bit of fun out of the non-winter weather. Make sense? Anyways, this weekend I drove up to my hometown of Mansfield in Richland County and took a hike at Mohican State Park with my parents and brother. If you've lived in Ohio and haven't visited, I'd recommend it. I believe the movie "The Last of the Mohicans" is inspired by the Native American tribe that lived in the region. (But don't quote me...) After that, we drove back to Columbus, but before getting on with our evening we stopped at Jeni's- one of the best ice cream parlors in Columbus. Nothing ends the perfect weekend for me like a single of Queen City Cayenne and Salty Caramel- that's my personal recommendation. But it actually DID get better with the time change. Sometimes there's seriously nothing better than an extra hour of sleep. Time to fall back. And "fall in love" with fall :)