Winter Quarter Overloaded

Last Wednesday I was able to put together my class schedule for the winter quarter. Here’s what it looks like:

  1. AMIS 803 (5) – MW 830-1018
  2. AMIS 866 (1~4) – MW 1030-1218
  3. AMIS 822 (5) – MW 130-318
  4. AMIS 894.40 (2) T 1030-1218
  5. BUSFIN 849 (4) – T 130-430

At first glance I was thinking, woot no classes on Thursdays and Fridays. Then I realized if I add up the numbers in parenthesis, which represent the number of credits for the course, I’m looking at somewhere between 17 and 20 credit hours!!! Not only is this schedule suicidal, if you go to Buckeye Link and look up the professors teaching the classes, the combo of Arya + Dan-O will easily destroy me, not to mention the AMIS 211 lab that I have to lead.

So one of them has to go. I’m determined to take 803 and 849 (hmmm… didn’t I just say these two will probably make my life miserable? lol). I really do need more assurance and auditing so 822 will likely stay. Lastly, 894.40 (BPM) is sort of interesting after attending the presentation by the Google VP because I can relate my consulting days to the importance of having a COE (Center of Excellence). So my only choice is down to 866, which fortunately is also offered in spring.

So what do you guys think? Does this sound like a reasonable plan? Why is it that Fisher offers so many classes I want to take in the same quarter?  Now I’m kind of jealous at the MBAs… grrrr