No Halloween for me…

Hey guys:

While a lot of you are posting or reading about the Halloween weekend, I am here to not post about Halloween.

Am I one of those people that skip Halloween altogether? Not usually.  In fact, when I was back in Brazil I was always hoping to be here in October to enjoy Trick or Treat and dressing up like a monster.

Here is my cost-benefit analysis of my Halloween weekend:

This year I was stuck in MBA classes on the day my neighborhood had its Trick or Treat event.
Benefit: not having to pay $11 per bag of good candy
Cost:  I didn’t get to enjoy the cool outfits of the children or the candy-starved parents that take their 3-month old babies Trick or Treating.

On Friday, my husband and I were supposed to head to an adult Halloween party with costumes and a lot of good friends.  Close to show time, the hubby started feeling unwell and the result was almost an entire night spent at the ER at Mount Carmel East with tons of sick people – talk about experiencing scary moments in Halloween.
Benefit: humm……spending time with the hubby?
Cost: missing a cool party that happens only once a year

Saturday and Sunday were pretty much a waste.  As other bloggers posted, we have an Econ group project to present on Tuesday, so the rest of weekend was all about finalizing the final document and putting a six-minute presentation together.  The amazing difference between undergrad and grad school was clear: while in undergrad we would be meeting at odd hours at OU’s library, in grad school we simply got everybody together on a conference call. Are we fancy or what?

Anyways, summing up the Halloween weekend for a Brazilian WPMBA student: MBA class, no candy. no scared children or candy-starved parents, no costumes, no parties, a visit to the ER, and Econ project.

Have a great week guys!