One Down, A Lot More to Go

October 29th, 2009, 1:15pm, Room 355, greetings flying in the room were mostly “are you ready”. A significant number of people were holding a piece of romantic light purple paper. Purple was Dave’s daughter’s favorite color and was therefore designated the color for the pre-assigned mid-term reading.

1:30pm, the AMIS 824 mid-term started. Very intensive, as expected. I tried hard to calm myself down without slowing down on the questions. I had no clue how to finish all the sections correctly and on time, and that article on the romantic light purple paper was killing me, romantically, with something that I love, logic and numbers. I read the article carefully before the exam, trying to follow everything in the report. Almost automatically, my brain assumed that everything mentioned in it was correct and I would be tested based on the information provided in the article, because that’s what exams usually do. Half correct. We were asked to criticize the article. The requirement crashed with my brain’s pre-assumption and thus shorted the thinking. Using Dave’s word selection, that was called a “tragedy”.

I reread the article when waiting for the COTA bus (yea, COTA is always part of daily life). After being told to criticize it, the article seemed a lot more problematic to me. Very ironic. I remembered what was discussed in class, remembered the formulas, remembered the financial statement formats, but I forgot that I am in grad school! I am supposed to always examine and criticize what was told before agreeing with it.

My MBA classmates told me it is going to be okay. They took another course with Dave last quarter and the final was even more “painful” than this one (oh, well). I am not going to examine these statements because they are friends’ comforting words. Is it going to be okay? I don’t know. The only thing I know is—one mid-term down, a lot more to go, more than just exams, way more.