Halfway through midterms…

Things I’ve done this week:

  • Taken an economics midterm (hopefully pretty successfully)
  • Cooked some homemade meatballs according to my dad’s super secret recipe (I joke! It literally fits on a Post-It note)
  • Practiced my midterm presentation (it’s about my guinea pigs)
  • Studied accounting to the point of dreaming about sheep hopping over little “T-accounts”

Things I still need to do:

  • Take accounting midterm (Wednesday AM)
  • Present about said piglets (Wednesday PM)
  • Develop 2 pages for Team W.A.M’s 812 project (by Wednesday at 11:59 PM)
  • Have a tasty dinner with my good friend from OC (Wednesday PM)
  • Read economics articles and a chapter in the text (Thursday AM)
  • Meet with my fellow W.A.M’ers to discuss 812 project and FSA 4 for accounting (Thursday PM)
  • Have first training session as a Kaplan test prep teacher (Thursday PM)
  • Have drinks with a former colleague who is in town from upstate NY (Thursday (very late) PM)
  • Fisher Serves Community Service Day (Friday all day)
  • Buy accessories for Halloween party at Mosaik (Friday PM)
  • Have an awesome time at said Halloween party with some of my friends from outside the MBA program (Friday PM/Saturday AM)
  • Sell handmade jewelry at the 1st annual GMP craft fair in Newark (Saturday all day)
  • Work on 860 individual case assignment (intermittent)

Wow. I thought maybe writing down everything would make it seem manageable… not so sure about that!

Good luck to all my classmates, as I’m sure their lists are as daunting (or even more so) than this one!