Echoes from Fisher MBA – Lauren White

This week, I will like to introduce to you – the charming and vivacious Lauren.

I always wanted to know how it feels to be a vet and now I am lucky enough to meet one- Lauren.

Don’t go by her tender looks. She is a torrent inside, ready to blow if she wants. In Fisher, apart from attending business cocktail parties, she goes to the Boxing rink to keep her jabbing techniques intact.

Over to you Lauren.


I figure the best way to describe myself is to say why I wanted to go to Ohio State.  I grew up in the Columbus, OH area a huge OSU fan, but when it came time for my undergraduate school of choice, I was at the age I wanted to move away and see what’s out there.  I ended up at Arizona State in Tempe, AZ.  This was a beautiful school, and ended up being a wonderful time!  From there I was commissioned an officer in the Army and spent the next four years stationed in Germany.  This brings us to now, my choice to move back home and go to what has always been my favorite school!  I felt so fortunate to be accepted into the Fisher MBA program, because this is where I felt I belonged.  I love surrounding myself with diversity, and at the largest school in the nation, that is guaranteed.  So far it is everything I thought it would be it is….diverse, challenging, team oriented, and fun.   Above all, I finally was able to buy season football tickets!   I’m actually heading out now to take my father to the game today!   Thanks for having me on your blog Jyotisko, you are the best!