Food continue... but not exactly food

Just complained about the busy schedule of an ordinary MBA student's life... but I have to say that is not the whole story. In fact,  MBA includes not only busy schedule but also relaxing hours, not only tons of "painful" assignments but also numerous enjoyable moments.   And I will share one of such moments as following.

Just before the group discussion this Thursday,  some of my group members introduced a simple but delicious place to eat... When hearing the topic about "food", I was eager to try (as always:))... Actually they talked about the "Junior's Tacos" but the only thing I remember is that they sell the Tacos at the truck. Without any surprise, since my poor memory that could not remember the name of the food , I said "where to try the truck food" (obviously not a good expression to describe the food, especially when you taste it).  Anyway, we drove to the place and tried the different types of the food. What I bought is kinda "Tortos" (spanish word for sandwich I guess?) and with the help of one group member who is majoring in Spanish, I made the order of beef sandwich... And it turned out to be really really really DELICIOUS~  Moreover, I learned some interesting spanish words~~

Also some thoughts for international students, do not hesitate to try different things, especially out of your comfort zone... Food is like that, other things are the same. You will find much more surprise waiting for you on two years' MBA study ahead~

Pics for Junior's Tacos: (courtesy of

Juniors taco plateJuniors menus