Blessed are the flexible…

“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall never be bent out of shape.”

I find myself blogging again on Sunday night/Monday morning, probably because this is the only quiet time I seem to find in my week. The time is currently 2:05am and I just finished up a paper for my Strategic Management of Human Assets class taught by Steffanie Wilk (who won Fisher College’s graduate teaching award last year). I have some pretty good classes this quarter, but I’d have to say that this one is my favorite (love the HR/OB stuff). It approaches personnel and human resource management issues and challenges from the general manager’s perspective. It’s really helped to build on my experiences working in talent management this summer with Deutsche Post DHL.

Another favorite this quarter is The Business of College Sports, taught by our Athletic Director and his wife, Gene and Sheila Smith. Out of the several dozen speakers I saw last year through the MBA program, Gene Smith was BY FAR the best speaker that I had the pleasure of listening too. He’s one of the most powerful men on the Ohio State campus, yet he’s incredibly down-to-earth and his leadership qualities are exemplary. After hearing him speak at a Black MBA speaker series last year, I knew I had to take his class.

Come to think of it, all my classes are great this quarter. I just wish I had more time to devote to them. Last year I was usually a week ahead with assignments and readings, and always made sure I had the time to turn in perfect project deliverables. This quarter I’m usually preparing the day before class (which is still better than nothing right?). Teaching my undergraduate class, being in charge of Fisher College’s graduate student government and trying to find a job has really taken a large chunk out of my schedule. It’s times like this that I’m glad I have my yoga practice to keep me sane.

Making the transition from competitive powerlifter to yoga student around five years ago, I found tools to better my body, breath and mind. I feel very fortunate for picking it up at an early age, as opposed to later in life after an injury as many others do. What I like the most about yoga in terms of my personal practice is that it helps me navigate the busy corporate world. Yoga is much more than doing stretches on a mat. It is a comprehensive tool kit of values, postures, breath work and meditation that allows one to strip away impurities, insecurities, limiting beliefs and other obstacles to happiness. Some of these yogic values include: kindness, truth, moderation, cleanliness, contentment and self-study. No matter who you are or what you believe in, these are all principles that are beneficial for finding sustained joy.

Even working my 60-80 hours a week, I find myself blissfully at ease throughout the week. And if something goes terribly wrong, I know that life is inherently good and it’s really not a big deal in the long run.  I couldn’t imagine my life without yoga. I use breathing exercises to calm down before interviews and presentations, mantras and readings to help keep me present, and mat exercises to keep my posture from totally breaking down from the endless hours in front of my laptop.

This quarter I’m not going to be able to teach as much as I’d like to, but I’ll be teaching for sure on October 25th and November 22nd at the RPAC in Multipurpose Room #5 at 10:30am-12:00pm (both are Sundays). It’s free through the Ohio State Yoga Club, so come give it a try if you’re interested.

In closing, the following is one of my favorite Chinese proverbs about the importance of health:
Represent Fame, Fortune, Family, and Friends by the numeral zero. Represent Health by the number “1”. If you have the “1” and put it first, every added zero will increase your wealth. Without the “1” first, you have nothing!


Mike ^_^