Week 4 Stress

And so begins week 4. It's hard to believe first of all that it's already week for and second of all that the quarter is almost half over. For those of you semester fans out there, I'm still a fan of quarters and I'm glad I'll be done with my degree before the big switch.

I still have yet to complete my stats homework  or my reading for class this week. Should be entertaining to watch me attempt to complete everything. So far the hardest thing about stats isn't actually the stats work, but installing the program onto my computer, helping the rest of my class install it, and creating (so far) 7 graphs and I'm only on problem 4 of 12. But hey, that means I'm 33% done and that 33% more than I was two days ago. Another two hours on homework and I'll be golden.

I'm looking into getting a massage and/or more yoga classes. They seem to de-stressify my seemingly more and more stressed out self.

On a fun note, Ohio State won this weekend. I really should say the defense won this weekend. It's good to know that my cousins, who went to Wisconsin, still cheered for Ohio State. They know where their loyalties lie.

Tip of the week:

Bring dinner to class. Or at least something which is microwavable and that you can keep in your locker so that during the breaks in class, you can whip up something pretty easily so tide yourself through the next two hours of class. I don't know about you, but eating at 5 o'clock or 10:30 is not appealing to me.

-For now...