Honestly, aren’t weekends 48 hours?

So, it’s Monday morning… again. Does anyone else has this sneaking suspicion that time speeds up as soon as it’s Friday at 5PM, and doesn’t slow down till Monday at 8:30AM?

Now it seems like most of our classes are getting into a pretty good rhythm, although it is very hard to believe that we already are getting very close to MIDTERM season!

I’m pretty excited about the oil pricing simulation we’re doing in Economics tomorrow. For those of you not in the program, the class is dividing up into 5 “worlds”, with 3 “countries” per world. So there will be 15 teams total, with 5 – 6 people per team. The simulation will be at least eight rounds – in the beginning, the teams will not be able to communicate, but the rules will change throughout the game… My team spent some time yesterday strategizing, as I like to call it, so hopefully that will pay off tomorrow! The prizes are pretty good – bragging rights, and first dibs on the time slot for our team presentation.

Go Team W.A.M.!

As an aside, I learned that I am NOT the only person at OSU that lives on the east side of Columbus! I was beginning to worry there for a while, haha. While doing my grocery shopping at my local Meijer (love that store), I saw Sarah Hughes, the wonderful lady who interviewed me! Now I know I’m not the only that struggles with all the traffic on Broad Street every morning. *sigh*

Well, it’s time to read for my “Enhancing Professional Interchange” class, so I will be back later this week!


One thought on “Honestly, aren’t weekends 48 hours?”

  1. Hey Stacey. I also live on the east side and I do too visit Meijer…uhuuu!!
    By the way, tomorrow we have the OPEQ simulation going on at Professor Campbell’s class – hopefully my country wins. =)

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