Hitting my stride

The most difficult part of business school up to this point has been finding a routine that works.  My life for the past three weeks has required fluidity and patience.  I am a person that enjoys structure, so this lifestyle has not been easy for me.

I would describe my first two weeks as the typical “freshman haze”:  I was inundated with work, unsure what to focus on and inevitably behind the rest of the class.  In the subsequent weeks, instead of finding my stride I found more work to manage.  It seemed that for every item I crossed off my “To Do List” I added three more.  As the stress mounted, I was constantly searching for more hours in the day to complete applications for student organizations and summer internships.

Now midterm season is quietly approaching and I can finally say, “I think I have found my stride.”  My conversation with Professor Rucci helped me better understand my career options and has provided some insight as to the ways I can go about achieving my goals.  Having a more clear perspective on these issues has made it easier for me to focus on my class work and the tangible portion of the MBA.   As my time management frustration ebbs, I am now in a situation to better manage the wide array of responsibilities of a Fisher MBA student.

Author: Joseph Fahrendorf

• Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio • Attended St. Xavier H.S.; rowed on the crew team • Moved to Connecticut in 2002 for college; earned a degree in History • Hired in 2006 as an Associate for an executive recruiting and corporate governance firm in Greenwich, CT • Left my job in May 2009 to travel in China & Europe before starting FCOB