Fisher Commons... No Left Turn!

I really enjoy living at Fisher Commons, its very convenient for getting to Gerlach, especially for my 8 am GA, its 30 minutes walking and less than 8 minutes of a drive. The only inconvenient thing is that, you can't make a left turn into or out of the only entrance to the Fisher Commons. It is really annoying because it means making several inconvenient turn and tacking on precious moments to get home, to ease the suffering, I made a small infographic showing the best routes to get from the Fisher College of Business parking lot to Fisher commons, with the accompanying times... you should really print this out and tape it to your dashboard... or just look at it once... whatever you want.

[caption id="attachment_1396" align="alignleft" width="598" caption="Fisher Parking Lot to Fisher Commons Infographic"]Fisher Parking Lot to Fisher Commons Infographic[/caption]