Yesterday I drew up a mission statement for my team, which is aimed to summarize the characteristics of high performance organization.  You can see as follows.


Our vision is to learn from each other, improve our practical abilities though the process of the project and get an excellent score.

1. Members of the team should at least have one meeting per week. Anyone who cannot attend the meeting should make an announcement at least 24 hours ahead.

2. The collected information should be shared through email on time. And everybody needs to check the common emails at least every two days to make a grasp of the team discussion.

3. Everyone should have an in-depth understanding of the company so as to reach a better communication among the team members. On the other hand, each should clearly understand her own division of responsibility and effectively in charge of the part which is assigned to the specific one.

4. We appreciate any idea. And every opinion given out should be backed with strong references.

5. Everyone should claim her own responsibilities and the goal that should be reached in the next time, and also a clear due date should be promptly given.

6. We should respect  each other, take care and help each other. ^_^

7. We can hang out together at a leisure time. lol.

I am so happy that my teammates are ok with it. And I really hope that we can get along well with each other as well as the project!