Buzzz, Buzzz, Buzzz- Vibrating Cell Phones in Class.

Texting is huge part of everyone's life these days and it is turning into the main form of communication for people our age. My question is this: Is it necessary to sit the phone on the desk in front of you, and allow the noise of the vibration to disrupt the people around you? I guess being in the Working Professionals MBA program, there are quite a few people that own smartphones, be it an iPhone or Blackberry.  It seems that only people with smartphones have this "vibrating" issue. I'm not saying that receiving a text during class is a crime. Don't get me wrong; when that special someone sends me a text, my day becomes instantly better. My only gripe is that phones sit on the desk instead of being tucked away in a purse or pocket. I don't mind someone keeping a phone in front of them as a means of keeping track of time; just use the silent function that is built into the phone. Would you keep your phone on vibrate during an important business meeting with the CEO of your company AND keep it out on the table in front of you?

For everyone that is unaware of how to use the silent function, here is a brief description:

iPhone: Choose Settings, and follow the directions provided from the Apple website below:iPhone

Blackberry:  The Blackberry website states: "To silence your BlackBerry® device, in the profiles list, select the Quiet profile."

I realize emergencies happen. I also understand that most of us are unable to talk with significant others or children all day because of the schedule of this program. I recognize WHY people text during class, just not why they choose to leave their phone on vibrate.