A few laughs and time for yourself

As I logged in this morning to provide my weekly dose of "Fisher Life", I started reading some of the other blogs. It's really cool to see the perspective of other students who have never been at OSU until this year. I, however, have been on the OSU campus my entire life, I've worked here since I was in eighth grade (woot woot, summer job!) and I've been going to football games since I was 8. My mom is faculty in the Animal Sciences department and between my parents, my sister and myself, there are currently 7 degrees from The Ohio State University and currently the 8th is in progress. I guess the funny part comes from reading posts and imagining that their thoughts are how I reacted when I first saw OSU and the first time I went to an Ohio State game. I've befriended a girl who is each of my classes, Xing Xing, also known as Elle - like the magazine (that's what she says each time someone asks her name). It's been a lot of fun talking to her because the things that I pass off as every day common occurrences are things that she otherwise would never have encountered. I suppose even though I'm an old vet at this OSU thing, it's still fun to get to explain everything and see it all for the first time through another person's eyes.

I definitely recommend reading the other posts. There are quite a few laughs in there and they're sure to brighten anyone's day. Especially the post about Tommy's Pizza by Shay Merritte.

Amanda's Tip of the Week:

Take time for yourself. Having class three days a week, each class 4 hours and each having about 100 pages worth of reading each week can be overwhelming. I'm taking a yoga class every Tuesday for two hours and it is one of the most relaxing things I could do. Yesterday in class, our teacher Shannon Titus, had us do her 'word-call-out' where we say how we're feeling. The majority of my classmates, including myself, said either tired or stressed, and I'm the only grad student. It's only the third week and we're already feeling this way. So, take some time to yourself. Make sure after you get home and before you start studying or even before you go to bed that you take time to unwind from the day and make time for yourself. Otherwise you're going to go crazy and stress out even more.

Happy Wednesday!