TechLife Columbus and the Business Builders Club

One unique part of the Ohio State University culture is the Business Builders Club (BBC).  The club, which sits apart from the business school, focuses on building a foundation for entrepreneurship for OSU students.  Since its founding in 2000, the club has developed a reputation for developing innovative and successful businesspeople and has become a differentiator for OSU. Although the BBC is primarily geared toward undergraduates, I “sneaked in” to the first meeting of the year this past Tuesday.

Sandy Blanquera, the keynote speaker, told a remarkably personal story of her own journey from corporate employee, to franchisee, to entrepreneur.  She now owns and operates the Columbus-based social marketing company, Social Boomerang.  Additionally, Sandy and her husband are very active in the Columbus entrepreneur community.  In fact, on her recommendation I joined TechLife Columbus: a group focused on technology, entrepreneurship, education and “accelerating the pace of getting to know really cool tech people in town.”

Although I have only been an active member TechLife Columbus for a few days now, I already got the opportunity to attend an event—a social event at the economic development and incubator facility, TechColumbus.  From these two events my excitement for the entrepreneur community in Columbus has grown immensely, and I am looking forward to getting more involved with both organizations.

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