First Day Down

As I walked to the bus today, I began to think, “wow, this is my last first day of school”.  I hate to be nostalgic but time flies and I began to think of the superficial worries I had on the first day of first first grade, the first day of junior high, the first day of high school, and the first day of undergrad.  One would think that on my 5th first day of school, I would have the routine down pat…but this is not so…My day began with me catching the wrong bus.  No worries though.  I planned for an event like that by leaving early, and so, I got to take the scenic route to class which wasn’t so bad except for the fact that it was really humid this morning and so, I found myself sweating before I even got to class.

Once in class, some things came back to me naturally-like taking notes.  Some things I forgot-like how hard it is to stay awake in class after lunch.  I have a feeling that I will soon become a coffee drinker.  Other things I found quite amusing-like how much the graduate student lounge at lunch time reminds me of the cafeteria in junior high. “Hmmm…whose table will I sit at?”  And I even caught myself laughing when I told my classmate, “Hey, I have to stop by my locker”.  I still can’t believe that I’m 25 yrs old with a locker again….

All in all today was a good day.  I honestly think I am going to enjoy the program.  It will definitely be a challenge for me to get back into the study routine after being in the work force.  Looking at each class syllabus, there is no class that will be a “freebie”.  And I already feel the pinch that Karen Wruck described in orientation.  She said, “If you feel behind or if you feel like you’re missing something-that’s a good thing. And it’s normal”.  There’s so much to do each day at Fisher-classes, group work, the continuous job search…I know I will soon accept this as my new “normal”.