$291.81 + tax - The cost of getting a bit smarter...

Classes start in a few days...

This upcoming Thursday (9/24) will be the beginning of my two-year journey towards  an MBA degree while working fulll-time in the American corporate world.

While I spent my first weekend catching up on pre-class assignments and readings, I couldn't help but add up the initial investment towards this graduate-level education.  So far I have no complaints on this investment, but for those of you who still haven't purchased the textbooks, here is a sneak peek on what to expect if you are purchasing new editions:WPMBABooks

MBA 812:

1) "The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else" - $13.56

2) MBA 12 Custom Book - $91.45

3) MBA 812 Uniprint Course Packet - $51.42

MBA 870:

1) "Super Crunchers" - $14.00

2) "Data Analysis and Decision Making with Microsoft Excel" - $121.38

Yes...the total just for the face value of these textbooks is nothing less than $291.81!

However, as one of the professors offered during the orientation session, it may be wise to see if you can borrow or buy a last year edition from a second-year WPMBA student, the text will be identical.

Author disclaimer: prices were quoted from Barnes and Noble online and may vary depending on the bookstore.