Things I discovered this weekend

Happy Monday!

I spent this weekend attempting to explore a little bit of Columbus.  Having gone to undergrad only 25 minutes north of Columbus I feel fortunate in the fact that I am relatively familiar with the area (especially all of the highways) and have some friends and my boyfriend who live nearby.  I have never lived in Columbus however, which is a totally different and wonderful experience so far.

I was lucky enough to find a comfortable and reasonably priced apartment for me, myself and I on the edge of Upper Arlington, a nice friendly neighborhood with literally everything you would need.  They have a huge Kroger (a grocery store), a Borders, a Barnes and Noble, a Macys, and a fantastic library system (I'm a big reader and they have a huge selection of DVDs!).  The location is about 4 miles north of campus but it took me 20 minutes to get there this morning due to rush hour and the five trillion lights on Kenny Rd.

This weekend I explored 2 places.  The first was the Park of Roses at Whetstone Park.  The website said that the best times to go were mid June and mid September and while not all of the park was in bloom the roses that were there were amazing.  I had no idea there were so many types of roses.  It was pretty small but there were a lot of nice benches you could sit on with a good book.

The second place is....Rita's.  It's an amazing water ice/custard stand right down the road from me and I had passed it several times but didn't go until some people I work with told me it was worth it.  So I went on Friday and immediately fell in love.  Not only are the ices amazing but they have the most amazing flavors.  I got key lime and loved it so much that I went back on Saturday.  More trips will be made in the near future....I have to keep getting stamps for my frequent customer card.  On Saturday I mixed raspberry and lemonade which was also delicious.  Next time I go I will take a picture so everyone can see how wonderful it is.

There are some more places on my list to visit and I'll start bringing my camera when I go!

The rest of the week is composed of finishing up my job training and classes beginning...I'll let you know how it goes!