Catching Our Fifth Wind at the Five AM Fish Market (Hamburg Day Two Part Two)

Last time on Team DHL Germany’s Fisher GAP Blog: Devin recounted our day on the high sea, which featured brews on battleships, rifle competitions for roses, and Natalie befriending a beaming young gentleman. What Devin failed to tell you was that the night did not end there for four brave souls. As Tim and Devin parted ways from the rest of their motley crew, the night had just begun. A clearly defined BHAG was set: stay up all night to make it to the 5 AM Fish Market across town. The following has not been embellished because it needs no embellishment.

Sunday, May 11th 12:00 AM – With the port festival carnival drawing to a close, Brian, Natalie, Sruti, and yours truly ventured towards “Planet Bollywood”, a hastily thrown together can-knock-down game which had mild undertones of racism in its design and décor. Sruti, determined to defend her proud Indian heritage, took three attempts at knocking down the foreboding pyramid of metallic cylinders that stood before her. With speed and accuracy that would make this man blush, each throw narrowly missed its target, if the definition of “narrow” were to be redefined as 4-5 feet. Her consolation prize? A Winnie-the-Pooh flash card game, which would be an important centerpiece to the night’s activities.

Rathaus Cultural Pic!

12:30 AM – We arrive at the first bar for the evening. The place is packed for the Eurovision Finals, an international signing competition that rivals the Superbowl for viewership. With little context as to what’s happening (other than the fact that a bearded person in a dress is winning), our group decides to bust out the Winnie-the-Pooh flash cards. With a dash of creativity and a dose of improtu rule making, we create the hottest card game to hit American youths since Magic the Gathering. Business plan frameworks and licensing agreements are discussed. Inspired by our own ingenuity, the group sets off to celebrate. The bearded person wins Eurovision. S/he cries. A lot.

Can't See Me at My Winnie-the-Pooh-No Game
Can’t See Me at My Winnie-the-Pooh-No Game

1:00 AM – We find ourselves in Repperbahn once again. A Eurovision viewing party is just getting out and the place is packed shoulder to shoulder. After shuffling from bar to bar looking for a place to drink, we find ourselves in a basement akin to one the Beatles rocked out 50 years ago. The playlist features nothing but 80s tunes for the entire evening. Luckily, we brought our dancing shoes.

80s Dance Party

1:30 AM – Sruti is barefoot in the bar. Nothing more can really be said about that. She begins to fade. Laughter inspires a second wind.

2:00 AM – A bartender, awestruck by our dance moves, awards us with free beverages. Any thought of fading is instantly cast aside. Third wind level. Also, Sruti might still be barefoot.

Free Drinks!

2:30 AM – “You Can Call Me Al” sends Natalie and I to the next level. We set the Guinness record for most SnapChats taken over a two and a half minute period. Legs are starting to genuinely get sore from dancing.

3:00 AM – This is actually happening. We’re going to make it to the herald 5AM fish market. Can’t stop won’t stop.

Game Face On
Game Face On

3:30 AM – Starting to fade, I pull up directions for the fish market on my phone. Or so I thought. Failed to #gobeyond and make sure it was the right fish market. This was a mistake.

4:00 AM – Take a pic to chronicle the fact that we made it to 4:00. Leave for a train for “Fishmarkt”, a fish restaurant in the opposite direction of our desired destination.

4:00 AM Club
4:00 AM Club

4:30 AM – We get increasingly worried about whether this 5AM fish market actually exists, as we’re mere blocks away and there is little fanfare.

4:31 AM – Realize it’s the wrong fish market. Step in dog poo. Yup, that’s about right.

4:32 AM – Find the real fish market on my phone. It’s in the opposite direction. As we make our way back to the train station by the port festival for the 5th time that day, we’re starting to lose energy and fast. Someone asks me for directions in German and I give a flawless response. Carry that energy into the train station. Perfect the Bernie dance move. Fourth wind achieved.

Dance Party

5:00 AM – Once again, we find ourselves back at the Repperbahn. I become convinced it’s the gravitational nexus of memory making. We see the crowds descend down the road towards the market.

5:15 AM – Just 15 minutes past our anticipated arrival time, we see all the glory in front of us. It’s real and it’s spectacular (two Seinfeld references in one post – epic).

Cue Angels Singing
Cue Angels Singing

After reading through this lengthy prose on our adventures at finding the 5AM fish market of Hamburg, you’re probably asking yourself “why did you stay up until 5AM to visit the 5AM fish market of Hamburg and why should I care”?


How about gigantic bags of fruit for 10 euro? Fresh fish sandwiches featuring delicious sea creatures caught just hours earlier? Infinity scarves for your girlfriend for 7 Euro? The fact that it’s only open for four hours A WEEK? Oh, and did I mention, THERE’S A LIVE BAND!

Seriously, a band gets up (or probably just stays up from the last gig) at 4AM to play 1973’s Top 40 hits for a bunch of young people wrapping up their night with shrimp sandwiches, fresh fruit, and delicious pastries.

Our Glorious(o) Reward
Our Glorious(o) Reward

If we were to rate our experience in MBA terms (and we are, because we’re doing it right now), our reward of fresh seafood sandwiches and fruit baskets aligned with our empowering decision rights to pull a non-academic related all-nighter, resulting in a high rating of our performance management. We hit all three aspects of the management decision tools triangle. What did you do at 5:00 in the morning?


6:15 AM – Eternity – Sleep.

A Little Bit Country and a Little Bit Racist

On Friday, it was finally time for us to make the long awaited trip to Hamburg, Germany’s second largest city. But first, we were scheduled to meet Mike and our contact from a local tier one supplier for lunch. While enjoying some tasty Italian food at Vapiano (turns out they are headquartered in Bonn along with DHL) we were able to recap everything we learned over the week and get a few tips for Hamburg. Time to hit the road!

I’m pretty sure my car’s GPS is set to “show me the longest, rainiest, most traffic filled route” mode because the drive from Koblenz to Hamburg was insufferable. After 6 hours (the drive should only be about 4.5 normally) the skies cleared up and the road opened up allowing me to make up some precious time. You sure can make up for lost time when driving 205kph (127mph for anyone counting)…

Once in Hamburg, I had the pleasure of navigating the tightest parking garage I have ever seen (good luck getting the car out Mark). Fortunately I made it down a few levels without mangling the trusty Golf. Our triple rooms aren’t the most spacious, but hotels are only meant for sleeping! All settled in, time for dinner!

Trains are a little more spacious in Germany
Trains are a little more spacious in Germany

After cramming on to a train we decided to head to Sternschanze, a hip little neighborhood filled with fun restaurants and bars. Naturally, we have hamburgers for dinner. While eating, we get a few suggestions from our (awesome) waitress and decide to make the trek to the Reeperbahn, Hamburg’s biggest nightlife area (and red light district). We grab a few drinks for the walk (good ol’ German open container laws) and make our way to die sündigste Meile (the most sinful mile).

Gathering supplies for our walk
Gathering supplies for our walk

Having spent the last week in a pretty small town, it was great to arrive at the Reeperbahn and see how lively it was. Notable moments of our stroll through this neighborhood include:

Quick dance party
Quick dance party

1. Stopping at “Cowboys and Indianers” for a quick drink and dance party
2. Seeing two adults fight in the street over an umbrella (yep, physical violence over an umbrella)
3. Said umbrella being chucked at Devin (fortunately it missed his face by a few inches!)
4. Meeting another American. After telling us he worked on planes, Mark asked him if he loaded the baggage. He was an engineer.
5. Random photobooth in the middle of the street

Street photo booth?
Street photo booth?