Category: Activities: Language Difficulties

A major improvement can definitely be seen among students in the fourth Portuguese class. I began the class like any other night with a conversation, but instead of moving on to a new topic, I reviewed the previous half of the hypothetical restaurant conversation so we could practice the entire dialogue thoroughly.
So last week was the third class, making my official halfway mark as a Student Tutor for my peers. The topic of the day was ordering food at a restaurant and talking about allergies. I believe that this was a useful yet tough topic to teach as there were many new vocabulary words that I was trying to get across.
Portuguese Language Lab continued ahead this past week with a focus on being courteous with strangers while building on the introductions learned the first day of class. For any new students coming to the class, I made sure to review the conversation learned last week along with any unfamiliar vocabulary words.
Since I was eighteen I have been studying Spanish seriously, but last year while I was studying for a semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina I gained a great interest in Brazilian culture. Everyday that I was abroad, I was asked if I was Brazilian due to the lack of an Afro-population in the country and I was finally given the opportunity to take a Portuguese in the local university. I immediately fell in love with the language and have since taken it upon myself to become fluent in the next few years.