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Bright and early Thursday morning we made our way to Wendy's - that's right, the same Wendy's that happens to be headquartered right at Ohio States's hometown in Columbus, OH, more than 9400 miles away. The Wendy's executives challenged the Wendy's at fisher to explore how Wendy's can create value for its customers and compete with the local food centers, often referred to as hawker centers.
They may call it Buckeye Nation, but those who seek international experience discover that Buckeye pride expands past national borders. Although the first 4 days of our Singapore excursion have involved many new and exciting discoveries, we have enjoyed a few glimpses of Columbus along the way:
During our five days in Singapore, American culture has been unavoidable. From live music in bars and radio tunes in cabs to fashion and entertainment, one can almost feel as if she is in the good ole USA instead of thousands of miles away. However, we’ve been learning from our wonderful tour guide, Agnes, about the many restrictions placed on Singaporeans that make life very different from the lives we have in the U.S.
Limited Brands Wednesday consisted of multiple business visits in the beautiful Island of Singapore. Starting bright and early, we traveled to Ion Mall to visit shops owned by Limited Brands – a company that has an ever-growing presence in the United States. We visited three stores: Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works, and La Senza. Each store had a unique story about how the entered into Asia and what they do differently than the United States.