Polina Elagin

My name is Polina Elagin and I am a sophomore studying Finance with a minor in Global Public Health. I am incredibly passionate about living as healthy of a lifestyle as possible! When Iā€™m not working or doing homework, you can almost always find me at the gym lifting weights or in a workout class. I would love to merge this passion of mine with my love of traveling and experiencing different cultures. My dream job would be to work ā€“ in any capacity ā€“ within the healthcare financial services sector. In this role, I would have the ability to continue promoting a lifestyle focused on health and, hopefully, help impact how healthcare is distributed. In order to achieve this goal, I joined Universal Health Aid - a student run nonprofit organization that provides free health screenings to the uninsured ā€“ and am currently the Chief of Logistics for this organization. By studying abroad in the fall of 2019, I hope to broaden my understanding of how healthcare is viewed while also gaining a global perspective on business practices.