Frequently Asked Questions – Global Internships

Below are the most frequently asked questions with regards to the Summer Global Internship Program:


Q: Am I guaranteed an internship if accepted into the program? What type of internship can I get in this program?

A: Yes! It depends as each internship is tailored to the specific student’s career goals, previous experience, and skills and knowledge they want to gain.


Q: Is this program competitive?

A: There is no max number of students we accept per location but you are competing against yourself and your resume for the best internship for you!


Q: Do I need to know another language in order to intern in another country?

A: No, all internship work can be completed in English unless a student specifies that they want to further their language skills.


Q: Can I intern in NYC or Chicago through this program?

A: The NYC and Chicago Global Internship Programs are exclusively for Non-US citizens only. We want you to have a global experience!