My Summer with Sequent

Jonathon Snell had the opportunity to work with Sequent through the Ohio Export Internship Program (OEIP) and learn many invaluable skills.

When I was handed a flyer for a program that had applications due in just two days, I had no clue that it would lead me to such an impactful experience. The Ohio Export Internship Program was very beneficial to my learning and helped me grow in the field of international business, but it wouldn’t have quite been the same without being placed at Sequent after. I knew right away that I would face some unique challenges with this as Sequent does not export a product like most companies in the program, but rather their services, knowledge and expertise.

I hit the ground running with an event in Dublin, Ireland that was only weeks away and hadn’t been done by the company yet. In one week, I called 400+ companies and created flyers and other advertisements for the event. The next, I created an agenda for the panel discussion, wrote bios about the panelists and their respective companies, and put together a PowerPoint. All of my projects before this had been school projects and I thought coordinating those with classmates and a busy school schedule was a challenge. Working on events with people who are in a time zone 6-hours ahead makes my past projects feel like a walk in the park. Although those were great practice, finally getting to take part of something bigger was way more satisfying. I was working on things that others were relying on, and I was relying on them, and all parts were necessary to make sure the event went off without a hitch.

Furthermore, I finally was at a job where I was treated like a young professional, not a kid. The team went to Ireland and D.C. (sadly travel wasn’t included in the program) and I was trusted to stay on task in the office alone, complete what I needed to, and find work for myself when needed. With this time, I was constantly doing market research and writing reports, something that I set a goal for early on. I researched everything from the PVC industry in Europe to where foreign domiciled companies were based out of when coming to the U.S.

Perhaps the biggest challenge I had with this internship was working on the website. I had not done any type of IT work before this but I learned pretty quick. I tried so hard because I knew that is what Sequent needed of me at that moment and I wanted to do everything I could to be a valuable asset to them. I started with just finding simple issues like broken links, that turned into creating new webpages, then that grew into redoing half of the website with graphics, designs, updated text and a little bit of coding. Getting to learn this and see it take shape on a live website was incredible.

Not only that, but I got to help on a few side projects as well. I accompanied Bill and Rita on a sales call to meet a new potential client. There was a couple of recruiting calls with companies who were overseas and that was impressive to see the coordination in that. I then later got to help Aimee on a presentation she was dong at a nearby university. I really enjoyed working with someone who asked for honest feedback and made it a real consideration on what she was working on.

Here at sequent I learned a lot of new skills, I learned how essential it was to learn new skills to stay ahead, and I really learned that I could be whatever role I wanted to be as long as I gave it the effort it required. I was a sales caller one day, a marketing specialist the next, a researcher the day after that, and a computer coder after that. All of these things I’ve never been great at but I did them the best I could and that’s all this company really cared about. They gave me everything I needed to learn and grow.

Thank you Susan, Rita, Bill, Aimee, Joe and the rest of the Sequent team for all of the opportunities you have given me and experiences that I will not soon forget. I look forward to continuing working for Sequent this fall semester.

Jonathon Snell

Jonathon Snell is a sophomore at Fisher specializing in operations management with a minor in German. He is currently interning for the Ohio Department of Public Safety in the Procurement Division in Columbus, Ohio.