OEIP Testimonials

Meet our Ohio Export Internship Program alumni and see what they have to say about their experience as a 2017 program participant!

Basheer Almattar, The Ohio State University, MBA

"The knowledge and experiences that I gained from the Ohio Export Internship Program is remarkable. From the class interactions with classmates, facilitators and export leaders, to real-world internship applications. It has been a delightful journey that impacted me personally and professionally."

Jack Schmeling, Bowling Green State University, Sophomore

"The Ohio Export Internship Program has opened another world of opportunities for me. By furthering my global business knowledge I can move forward throughout the next few years of college as I begin my professional career knowing how to make an impact."

Natalie Bolanos-Cruz, Ohio Dominican University, Senior

"The OIEP has helped me reinforce my passion for international business and trade. I learned about the many components that exporting involves from industry professionals and from my classmates as well."

Kaleb Miller, The Ohio State University, Junior

"The Ohio Export Internship Program has a dynamic, unique class structure with a savvy cohort of future businessmen and businesswomen as not only contacts, but friends. The network I have been able to build because of this internship will be incredibly helpful in my future careers."

Alexander Haberman, The Ohio State University, Junior

"The assignments, speakers, and activities this class offers did more than prepare me for an internship. It was a classroom experience unlike any I've ever had before- professional, engaging, and motivating."

Patricia Barreto, Ohio Dominican University, Sophomore

"EIP is a wonderful opportunity to get a feel for what you can expect in the real world. You learn real life skills as well as knowledge about globalization. The flip classroom, student-led teaching method, allowed me to develop the skills of public speaking and handle constructive criticism. Beyond the knowledge and skills, I developed a strong network with the directors as well as my colleagues. EIP is a unique experience that I was a part of and would recommend it to anyone interested in international business."

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