Botswana, Our Home

Our time in Botswana has been enjoyable. Our University of Botswana colleagues gave us a tour of their school—one of the best in the country and currently ranked 32nd in Africa. Their semester is coming to a close and students were busy with final exams and getting ready for their three months of summer vacation. While the universities are completing their semesters, other schools (elementary/middle/high schools) are just beginning—adding to morning traffic. In Botswana, MBA programs typically last 2.5 years and students must submit a dissertation for graduation. The MBA program has students from around the world, and the university has exchange programs to promote diversity. It is a really big school; we walked for a while and saw only a portion of the campus. Highlights of the tour included a large dining hall, grocery store, library, and study rooms.

During the weekend, we visited Mokolodi Nature Reserve—twice.  On Saturday, there were heavy rains (abnormal for the season), so we returned Sunday to do a Rhino tracking game drive. Mokolodi Nature Reserve is a non-profit organization approximately 15 km south of Gaborone that was established in 1994 and is 3,700 hectares in size. It has an education area for children to learn about nature, conservation and the environment. The Reserve is home to a variety of mammals, including some rare and endangered species, and a diverse array of reptile and bird species.

On our Big Five game drive, we saw Giraffes, Impala, Kudu, Warthogs and Cheetah. The highlight of this activity was accompanying our qualified guides into the bush as we tracked spoor from the Rhinos. After about 30 minutes of tracking, we were quite excited to find a family of three. At beginning, it was frightening because they were acting in a defensive manner, but gradually they became calm, sat and kind of ignored us. We never imaged that we could so close to such amazing animals.  Our day at Mokolodi concluded with a picnic by a stream in the park.

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