Spotted: Columbus Connections in Singapore

They may call it Buckeye Nation, but those who seek international experience discover that Buckeye pride expands past national borders. Although the first 4 days of our Singapore excursion have involved many new and exciting discoveries, we have enjoyed a few glimpses of Columbus along the way:

OSU alumnus business visit: Qian Hu Ornamental Fish Farm

Kenny Yap Kim Lee showed what unparalleled enthusiasm, hard work, and an OSU marketing degree can amount to. After graduating from The Ohio State University and having various corporate jobs, Kenny could not ignore his familial ties and passion for fish any longer. He currently operates one of the world’s largest ornamental fish farms, and we all greatly enjoyed touring the facilities and hearing Kenny speak.

No bras in Victoria’s Secret?

As the group wandered into Victoria’s Secret to meet with a regional executive, we quickly noticed something was amiss…where are the bras?! We found out that when Victoria’s Secret launched in Singapore, the brand took a more streamlined approach by focusing solely on beauty, panties, and accessories. Although this left out signature offerings found in its hometown of Columbus (bras, swimwear, the PINK brand, etc.), we learned that the limited store space and brand recognition in Singapore have both been conducive to strong results throughout the region.

Good news- Buckeye Football does not go unwatched

We are proud to represent Fisher in Southeast Asia and are looking forward to spotting more connections between Columbus and Singapore while we are here. Go Bucks!