RISE to the occasion, our final presentation . . . Day 21

The day has come . . . our final presentation.

final pres

We wrapped up both decks and made our way to the office.  The temperature is certainly hot now. . . so hot that we had to resort to a cab.


Yikes. . . This is only the beginning of the warm months and the hottest months are still to come. . . hard to imagine anything warmer than this.  The month of Ramadan is approaching at the end of June. . . which must be considerably more difficult when summer months mean both longer and hotter days.

We arrived at the office. . .

burjfina pres

Gregg and Matt ran through our first deck, the revised final version of our initial presentation, and I wrapped up with the RISE Strategy deck.  As we loaded onto the elevator it seemed very anticlimactic, the conclusion to the last ten weeks. The presentations went well but the F&B industry is tough and I don’t think that they were particularly thrilled with all of our findings.

We head down to the souks (I swear this is the last time) to pick up our shirts from the tailor.  The shirts weren’t quite ready yet so we make one last stop for shawarma. . . at Al Marfaa.  The restaurant is tiny but they are extremely welcoming. . . make room for us in the back corner. . . I eat sitting on the window sill.  As always, the food was great.


The tailors outdid themselves once again.  We are paid on average $10-20 for a custom shirt.  On their last visit Gregg met a couple from England that was in the shop having several custom suits made. . . we later looked online and found out they are turning around and selling them for over 500 euros . . . masters of arbitrage.


(I think they may have messed up on mine? kidding . . . it is not for me but the guys insisted that I still had to be apart of the fashion show)

3 weeks down . . . it is crazy how fast it has gone. We make our way back to the apartment. . . tomorrow we depart in the morning for Abu Dhabi to make our way back to the US.

Till next time Dubai…


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