Final Thoughts: Those things that interest you more than the touristy places…

As our team wraps up the project and leaves tomorrow for Columbus, I feel the need to pen down my final thoughts about this city – this country – these people.

I love walking around a city, or taking its public transport. I feel its the best way to get to know a city better. You come across so many interesting things, sights, people, events etc. around you. Its the best way to get to the soul of a city. That’s what I always told people about Mumbai (where I was born and raised) – you want to feel the soul of this city? Just walk around.

Yes we walked, and we walked, and walked. Sometimes with a fixed destination in mind, or sometimes just bumping into places (even better). The photos in the previous blog, are all the touristy places that we went TO, whereas what you see now, are the observations along the way, or let’s just say, those things that interest you more than the touristy places:


The spices of Chongqing 

A Chinese astrologer reading (deciding?) someone’s future


An old man selling some meat skewers


A street food scene


Chinese DIY


 A young lady on the ipad, at a local tea store


The traditional way of serving tea. The hospitality you experience at a local tea house is simply humbling.


A fruit seller with his carrying pole. This is the local way of transferring small goods here. 


IMG_5171Walking down the lane…

IMG_5460Shoot and win


Two women selling heads/teeth of actual dog carcass. From what I got to know, it is supposed to ward off evil. 


 You see them everywhere. Good luck charms? Jewelry?


Women gambling

IMG_5415 (2)

 Everywhere I went, I saw so many spots where people would just sit and gamble.

IMG_6196 (2)

 Chinese dominoes?


Loved listening to their music


He was singing a Chinese song. We praised his music. And then he starts singing ‘Unchained Melody’!


 These little dogs are EVERYWHERE in Chongging


Pet dog of a dye maker. I’m serious


Three wheelers. A very common sight.

 Check out the video


Curious kid


Grumpy kid


Smiley kid

IMG_5566 (2)

Funky kid

IMG_5602Everything has a meaning!



I asked her if could take her photo. She said very sweetly, “Yes you can'” I told her that her English is very good (For a moment I went back to the ‘Stuff’ Indians are asked article on Buzzfeed – sigh). She smiled, removed this book from her bag, and said, “This, is my English book!”

Key Takeaways:

  1. Crazy infrastructure
  2. Just interacting with people here can be a very humbling experience
  3. Dictionary/Translation app can do wonders
  4. You get mangoes in China. Your life is awesome.
  5. Chongqing is very green
  6. Surprisingly good traffic scenario despite the busyness of the city
  7. Pandas are funny
  8. China and India are a LOT similar
  9. Tea houses are the best
  10. Sichuan Opera would be the only other thing I would give up visiting a tea house for
  11. It helps enormously to have a local friend who can help you deal with a lot of things. We are very grateful to many people we came across here, some of whom we hope to keep in touch with
  12. Chongqing is INDEED the ‘mountain city’ or the ‘crane city’
  13. Chinese kids are the cutest
  14. Bullet trains are impressive
  15. Sichuanese cuisine is INDEED spicy. Been there, done that.
  16. Mayo and Nega are the two most commonly used (or heard by me) words

Cya China!


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  1. China is a tourist place there are many market places in which you can purchase everything for you . There are many beautiful temples and so many interesting entertaining places like music , games etc . China is a better tourist place .

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