Another Day Another Souk . . . Day 19

So our deck is 113 slides.

If there is one thing they teach you in business school. . . keep the slides simple and keep them short . . . in the famous words of Gregg Silver “oh boy”

We have had several meetings with the executive team over the last week since our initial pitch, and they are very interested in seeing a detailed, tactical approach to the strategy.  As we are wrapping up from a content perspective we are really struggling to skim down the material, and rightfully so as I believe the team has really worked to develop a comprehensive implementation plan.

We decide to break for lunch and then revisit the effort.  Most of the team hits up the grocery store downstairs . . Gregg and I decide to hit the pool for lunch.  I do not think I could ever work from home given that I would likely start talking to myself (more than I already do) and the inevitablie distraction from these guys. . .


(come on . . .of course. . . walt and pete had to make the blog)

but hitting the pool for my lunch break and some vitamin D could likely sway my decision. It’s ironic, we have not one but two pools right outside our apartment and the beach is across the street but we have yet to fully utilize any of the options.  Today will mark the last day at the pool.

After work we decide to head back down the souks (I know. . . you are sick of this story, but we cannot help ourselves. . . we are souk masters)

Gregg and Travis needed to pick up their custom tailored shirts and the rest of us tagged along to gather gifts for friends back home . . . last minute I know

En route to the souk . . . we lost JCIII



. . . the metro doors are seriously no joke here

We arrived in Deira. . . first stop . . . Lavash.

back to lavash

I know, I know. . . if you have read any of the prior blogs between the souks and Lavash you are probably wondering if we do anything else around here. . . hang with me

We. Love. Lavash


Another great shawarma. . . another 5 AED. . .

lavash cut

They are now, “like our brothers”

lavash group

Next we head to the Dubai Museum which had been on the team’s to-do list since we got here.  As we approached the museum I hear Gregg,

“are those bats?”       - - excuse me?

I look up, and there are hundreds of birds flying, uncomfortably close to human level . . . I was less than thrilled about the idea of wrestling with one of these things. . .


We still decide to enter. . .


What I was not aware of is that the museum is open air and as I turn the corner the bird situation outside was only a taste of what was inside the closed walls.  The guys generally seem unaffected . . .while I am envisioning myself running wild,in a panic through the courtyard. . . there was simply no way this was going to be an enjoyable experience.

Travis attempts to buy a ticket

“3 AED please” . . . basically 80 cents

Travis hands him 5 AED. . .

“Sorry no change”

The guys are confused, and I am thanking God. . . get me out of here.

Next stop, the souks

Gregg and Joey had visited a scarf shop two nights ago and made fast friends with the shop owners.  Matt and I figured this would be a great place to find gifts, we had no idea what we were in for.


This guy had shelves and shelves and shelves of scarfs. . . and proceeded to pull them all down and remove all packaging, if you looked, he opened.  We had scarves all over thep lace. Even when people began settling on their decision, he was still opening more scarves. So.many.scarves.

After around 30-45 minutes of looking at scarves (can’t even believe I just wrote that). . .we began the negotiating.

This was not your typical tourist side shop negotiating.  After twenty minutes of negotiating. . . we reached an agreement. Apparently I was stubborn enough . . he only referred to me as “the boss” for the rest of the evening. . . shout out to Negotiations class . . putting my BATNA to use.

I thought we were settled but we had only just began. . . each person had to individually negotiate as well . . .we must have spent 90 minutes in there.

I didn’t think I would buy any . . . I bought six. Crap.

Onto the boats and onto the textile souks.


These guys are good.  Both Travis and Gregg are thrilled with their new custom shirts. . . the rest feel its necessary to follow suit and have one made as well.  This is a continuous process back and forth to buy the fabric and then confirm with the tailor. . . located just down the alley. . .


These guys are great though . . . gave us orange juice boxes and caramels.

high c

They will be ready in two days  . . guess that means another trip to the souks


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