124 floors over Dubai . . . Day 17

Ahhh. . . the start of the work week

The team is back at it as we prepare for our last week of work and our final presentation on Thursday.

After work we headed to meet the General manager who is handling one of our client’s largest accounts.

Our ride to work has become rather entertaining. . . if you have the pleasure of traveling on the Dubai Metro . . . pay close attention to the English translator

dubai sign



I understand you are not likely to find humor in this story but please understand that he is a very excited man . . . and the guys have found great pleasure in attempting to imitate this accent. . .  I spend a majority of the ride avoiding eye contact as I cannot stop laughing

As we wait for the meeting. . . they continue to perfect their accents

group work

For our meeting, Matt took the lead on this addressing a majority of our outstanding operational issues that will help to define the final strategy.

After our meeting the group split, half of the team went to the souks

Gregg "supermanning" into his souk attire after the meeting
Gregg “supermanning” into his souk attire after the meeting

and the other half hung back to grab dinner and tour the Burj Khalifa. . . I was apart of the latter.


Dinner in a mall. . . again. . . oy vey

However we steered clear of the food court .  . at Travis’s recommendation we found a restaurant facing the fountains.  Anticipating outrageous pricing for the view. . . we were pleasantly surprised, and the food was great.

group dinner

However, the view clearly the best part

dinner group 2


Shortly after we sat. . . The light of the fountain started sparkling . . then on the building as well. . .

And then the sweet sound of Whitney. . . I Will Always Love You . . . blared throughout the courtyard . . .


I seriously underestimated how awesome this is. . .


After dinner . . . we headed up to the observation deck. . . 124 floors in less an 1 minute. . .

Perfect timing. . . another fountain show. . . incredible

night fountain



However, my enjoyment was short lived as I was quickly reminded how much I dislike tourist attractions and the subsequent crowds . . .

  1. Riding up on the elevators, the elevator operator kindly asks a large family to wait for the next lift so they can ride together . . . the family continues to push their children through the turnstile anyways. . . completely ignoring his request
  2. Inside as we wait for the elevators, they talk over the woman who is trying to explain the facts of the observation deck, the dedicated lifts, the time up, etc.
  3. Ohhh. . . and they are littering candy wrappers all over the floor (btw everywhere in Dubai is impeccably clean) and the lady ends up picking them up
  4. We arrive on the observation deck . .. where Travis, Matt and myself find space facing the fountain . . and gina in the section next to us.  We are patiently waiting, as a woman continues to tap me and nudge me out of the way. . . Matt and I end up having to take turns. . . there are children screaming . . .
  5. Exiting the elevator . . . a boy actually pushed me out . . . seriously?

I’m getting anxiety even writing this blog. . .


Nevertheless. . . the view was worth it

dubai city