Day 13: Vacation time

Today was full of travel. Our team left Singapore early in the morning, flew back to Kuala Lumpur for a couple hours, and then took a small propeller plane out to the island of Langkawi.

Langkawi is where we will be spending our final weekend abroad. We could not have picked a better location for relaxation and a bit of a vacation before diving into the last week of our project and then traveling back to the US to present our findings and jump into our internships. It’s gorgeous here. An island full of white sand beaches and small islands nearby. It’s also a very underdeveloped island, with a number of small outdoor restaurants lining the roads and locals living very simple, stress free lives. It reminds us to take a step back from all our distractions and just enjoy nature and good company.

And there are no taxes on Langkawi, so food and beverages are extremely affordable, a welcome change from Singaporean prices! And therefore, our first evening of “vacation” was spent watching the sunset on the beach (so romantic), enjoying some local Malaysian food (so delicious), and overindulging in some cheap Tiger beers (so refreshing).

Next up – laying on the beach, wading in warm waters, fishing on a boat … Can’t complain!

* photos will be up later – we decided to relax without computers for the trip.