Tiki Puka What? – Day 14

TGI. . . Thursday?

Still not quite used to our week ending on a Thursday.  The team had a meeting at The Address Hotel with the CEO after work to discuss the last component to add to our final presentation next week.



Although the client and the holding company are well established, their vision for where they want to take the company parallels with a startup, which is giving the team a lot of freedom to be creative about our strategy.  As we wrapped up the meeting a local hotel in the Dubai Marina, we decided it was finally time to listen to our client . . .

We needed to get out of the city.


We headed back to the apartment to change for the evening and spontaneously decided if we were going to do this we were going all in. Oman tomorrow. Abu Dhabi on Saturday.

Being our last weekend here we wanted to fit in as much as possible.

Passports Check

Rental Car Check

Blogger who did a similar route and detailed her travels Check

PDF maps with guided routes Check



Now it was time to go celebrate.

Madinat Jumeirah, grand entrance

We headed back to Madinat, again, at the advice of our client who insisted that we needed to try the “Tiki Puka Puka” (if that is even the name. . .we improvised).

photo[14] copy

Imagine a long island, but worse. . . I could not get this thing down. . . each drink and I would look down .. . making no progress. . . feeling defeated


I look to my left, Joey is done.

Straw that broke the camel's back

The group heads back to our original stomping grounds . . Bar Zar

Matt and I decided it was time to become one with the locals (joking, this place is littered with expats)


. . . shisha