Definitively English

Day 6 –  Pants.  You know, the things we put on nearly every day.  The things that go over a person’s legs and are fastened at/above the hips or sagging below the bum, however you fancy wearing them.  You might even choose to put on sweatpants, you know, just to lounge around in.  …Nerp.  In the UK, you’re more likely to convey the idea by using the word “trousers”.  If you say “pants” around here, you’re actually referring to underwear.  And “sweatpants”… um, well, it’s probably one of the most revolting words you could say to a Brit.

A few other Britishisms I’ve picked up:

“Lift” = Elevator

“Notes” = Bills (as in dollars)

“Cheers!” = Thanks / Goodbye

“S’alright.” / “No worries.” = A response to “Thank you”

“Speck” = A kind of smoked ham (Not sure if it exists in the U.S… I’ve certainly never seen it before.)

“Rocket” = Arugula  (When I asked the sandwich artist what “rocket” was, she picked up a piece and waved it in the air as if saying, “Ehm, HELLO. This stuff.”)

Walkers’ Definitively Prawn Cocktail crisps = Lays Shrimp Cocktail chips (if there ever were such a thing)

Mmmmmmmmmmm heaven in a pink bag.
Mmmmmmmmmmm DEFINITIVELY heaven in a pink bag.
















A little piece of America in a can. Cans










Back at the Interxion offices, we met with the Directors of Sales and Operations, both of whom are extremely knowledgeable and quite friendly (like just about everyone we have met so far!).  Today was another action-packed day for us, but the most eye-opening part of it was the tour through one of Interxion’s state-of-the-art data center facilities.  It was great to be able to physically see the service solutions that data center companies like Interxion provide, because up until this point, most of us were only able to haphazardly piece information together to construct our own visual understanding of how this business operates.  The way network connectivity works is quite complex, and even more so is the data center’s role in it.  Being able to see how it all functions helped our team leap over a big consulting hurdle.  Understanding the problem is a huge, essential first step, and it also consumes the most amount of our time.  Where we go from there is the challenge that follows (i.e. now what?), and it’s what we’ll continue to work on throughout the next week.  This is a rough industry as far as we can tell, and as is expected with just about any technology, it is also ever evolving and therefore, ever more difficult to strategize.

We ended today with a much clearer picture of the steps we need to take tomorrow to plow forward through this challenge.  We have an insanely busy day ahead of us!  And this weekend we’re pleased to be entertaining the Scott’s team from Lyon, France as they visit London for the weekend!  Jolly times ahead!