“Bond, James Bond”

“Bond, James Bond”………sounds like we are enjoying a Bond movie in London with MI6 in its premise. Let me tell you in complete honesty, it is not so. It is the feeling we got in the office of the client, Interxion, at the first day of our office, where everybody was looking at us with high expectations of getting them out of the pickle. First day at the client site and we were consultants from the word “go”. After preliminary niceties, we started with our question filled meetings including the ones with the HR Director and the Finance Director. Tons of data was dumped onto us. It was an enduring first half followed by a chilled second half.

We were in the fishbowl today, literally. The office of Interxion is called a fishbowl because of its shape. Unfortunately, we not allowed to take pictures within the fishbowl. I believe the Londoners have a very different understanding of the dress code “business casual”. In the morning today, when we reached our destination, we found ourselves to be overdressed with partially formal clothes whereas everybody else was in jeans, had funky hairstyles and talked in a cool British accent. It was interesting to note that professionals in London hold such key and high positions at such a younger age. It might be something that is ushering in the era of corporate coolness “mate” (with a British accent). We noticed the beautiful London skyline while walking back to our hotel.

London Skyline

It is a running joke here that standing on The Heron Towers (the cuboid building), one can pour martini over The Gherkin (the missile shaped building).

The best part of the day was the evening when John, Kyle and I hit the bars for the fourth consecutive night in a row (the bars here are too good to pass by, if you understand what I mean ;)). Reflecting back on the day, I feel it was a rewarding and a fulfilling experience. Today was a glimpse of the life of a consultant we aspire to be and the GAP support we require to have. I am relishing every moment of this experience. I feel the craziness of travelling, working and exploring are a sign of more good times to come ahead in next 18 days.

Stay tuned for those blogs!!