The calm.

Day 3 – It was the third consecutive beautiful day here in London, partly cloudy (and partly sunny) with gusty winds, and a high of a modestly warm 64 degrees F.  As I saw all of the locals out walking the streets or relaxing in the grassy areas to enjoy the sun, I reflected back to yesterday’s lunch with Doug and how we began the afternoon out on the uncovered restaurant patio.  Everyone there kept gushing about how beautiful a day it was, while in my own mind I defaulted to the thought, It’s not anything extraordinary – moderate sunshine, slightly warm — typical spring weather.  Nothing “nice”, just… typical!  Sunshine is a rare gem in London, though, as we learned from Doug.  With today being not only a beautiful day, but also a bank holiday with many people off, the streets were bustling with activity!

The six of us were on a mission, and that was to explore London without going broke.  I’d say we actually did a great job!  Look rightTraveling took place mostly on foot, and we’re very thankful that the wonderful British are kind enough to remind us tourists which direction we need to look for oncoming traffic before crossing the street.  (Although it wasn’t enough to prevent a very close encounter between one of us and a car’s bumper… What can we say?  Old habits.)

We managed to find a great boat tour along the River Thames that took us from Tower Bridge over to Westminster, the area where you’ll find the Eye of London (the big ferris wheel) and Big Ben (that famous ol’ clock).OHIOIMG-20140505-WA0046IMG-20140505-WA0043

Wrapping the day up with dinner at a local café, we as a team reviewed our strategy with Interxion moving forward.  Yesterday’s conversation with Doug presented us with a few new challenges, quite different from before, but nothing that can’t be tackled by this phenomenal group of talented and creative people.  Our team’s energy is high, collaborative efforts are solid, and outlook is very positive.  We prepared for our meetings with the Directors of HR and Finance tomorrow, and then headed back to the hotel.  It is now just after midnight, and the team has headed off to bed as I finish up this post.  We feel good about this.  There’s a sense of calmness among the six of us, and I don’t think we’ll even have a storm of chaos to face.  But… I guess we’ll just have to see how things go tomorrow.