Real World Dubai . . . Day 2

News Update. . . Joey now has luggage!



Day 2 . . . our team is continuing to settle in. . . which has proven to be rather amusing in our new habitat . .

Here is what we have learned . . .

1.) Language barriers are deceiving. On our venture to locate the local wireless carrier and acquire new SIM cards (you can’t honestly expect us to survive 23 days without data right?!) we quickly began to realize our observation in the lack of any clear language barriers was strongly mistaken.  Words like “du” for “du” and “markers” for “markers” or better yet “large” for “large” have left us feeling new levels of confusion.  Correct, we start by stating one word and then circle an entire conversation before we end where we began with them stating the same word? How can we be pronouncing “du” wrong?



2.) Be prepared for the unexpected.  During a trip to check out the ocean (in our backyard) we were busy planning our weekend Dune Safari getaway, excited to get out in the desert, camp, traditional BBQ  and riding camels . . and then this happened. . .

beach camel


talk about true juxtaposition

3.) This is going to be a true foodie experience. . . and we’re ready.  Our consulting assignment at RISE trading is focused on franchising food concepts and we have spent the last seven weeks researching trends.  Dubai is well known for franchising American concepts in both the restaurant and retail industry, and it is certainly populated with everything from McDonald’s to The Cheesecake Factory, but it doesn’t end there.  This evening we ate at Reem Al Bawadi, a Lebanese/Moroccan barbecue in Jumeirah. Located on the Marina, among an endless sea of restaurants, it had an airy, arabian feel, we loved the atmosphere and the smell of shisha that filled the patio and the restaurant.

Consensus. . . there may be plenty of places to try but we would come back . .

Labneh, Goat Cheese Salad, Lentil Soup, Orfalli Kebab (four of them!) and the Izmerli Kebab



The tomatoes were not as popular among the team though . .

IMG_20140503_204945_870 copy


tastes exactly like Chloraseptic

4.) This view will never get old.

night view