Day 3 – MES, India

Ashley and I are technically in our first 24 hours in Mumbai. We joined the rest of our team late last night. It appears to be the norm in Mumbai to swerve in and out of traffic narrowly missing other automobiles, bikes, and pedestrians while blasting horns. Quite the amazing experience! Following transport to our destination hotel, we were refreshed by the welcoming faces of our teammates who had already scoped out the area over the weekend and had various tips and tricks to help with our stay.

Thanks to Kingshuk we had some extra treats at breakfast and enjoyed sealed bottled water prior to starting our first day in the office. At the office we met the local WonderkidsIndia core and extended team members, toured the facilities, and presented our introductory findings to our client. We were also very thankful to have a welcome lunch with the President of the company in which we were able to further discuss our project scope and our general plans while visiting India.

Our team members already explored the city and made some very cool purchases. We are excited to do the same. And as final advice, remember to insist on taking your own bags. More on that story to comeā€¦

The attached picture is our group in the WonderkidsIndia 2