Rea-Ching Chong-Qing – Part 1

Ni Hao from Chongqing, China!

We arrived at Chongqing just yesterday after a long journey, which I thought would be pretty tiring. The journey actually turned to be quiet adventurous for us and I must say that I have had a great time with my team so far! Some of the highlights of the journey were being taken aback at the Beijing airport when we didn’t find our bags at the baggage claim and also the impromptu visit to the Forbidden City in the limited time that we had during the layover! About the baggage claim – we were told that we would receive our bags at the Beijing airport for customs clearance and so we tried searching at the baggage claim area for almost 30 mins, deriving multiple theories of where our bags could possibly be, only to find out eventually that we would be receiving our bags at the final destination. After all the amusement, and some relief, we decided to head out to the Forbidden City and come back well ahead of the boarding time. The Forbidden City is one of Beijing’s pride and major attractions that served as the home of the emperors for almost 500 years, from the Ming dynasty to the Qing dynasty.

Figuring out our way to go to the Forbidden City in a totally unknown city was a lot of fun and a unique experience. These photos elaborate upon that:


All the Jeffs – waiting for the train to arrive at the subway at Beijing airport. We decided to take the train to go to the Forbidden City.


The subway at Beijing airport. Our first impression of this airport – it is really huge and spacious!


Trying to figure out the map! It was great fun to venture out on our own and find our way in a city unknown to us 🙂


The ticketing machine. The instructions were in Mandarin, and luckily we spotted the button which gave us instructions in English as well.


Outside the Forbidden City, Beijing!


President Mao Zedong and the Forbidden City.


A Chinese old man doing the traditional Tai Chi exercise at the garden at Forbidden city


America’s favorite drink – Chinese style!


A common interest between America and China: watching an NBA game!

After venturing out into the city of Beijing, we returned on time to catch our next flight to our final destination – Chongqing. We arrived here in the evening, took the cab, and reached our hotel safely. After our adventures at Beijing, we were all set (but mostly surprised) for more adventures at Chongqing!

More on these adventures in the next blog! Stay tuned 🙂

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  1. Ticketing machine …. Check.
    Forbidden city is awesome. Glad you weathered travel challenges. Good luck on project.

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