Reflecting Upon Our Last Semester at Ohio State

We are heading into our final semester here at Ohio State University! I can personally say I am sad to see it approach the end, but I am looking forward to all the classes and fun I have planned for this semester.

This past semester I had a blast meeting all of my classmates in the MAcc program and getting adjusted to life as a graduate student. This semester I am hoping to continue to build the friendships I created and to hopefully learn a lot along the way. I am planning on balancing friends, classes, work and studying for the CPA exam… so I will have to keep you all posted as to how that works out!

I took a moment to ask several of my classmates what “one thing they were looking forward to for their final semester?”

Olivia Abdallah

I am excited to have more control over the classes I am taking and tailoring my learning experience to what I want to get out of it!

Travis Whit

I am looking forward to not having class on Fridays and to having few morning classes throughout the week. This will provide me with the opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep and hopefully study for the CPA exam.

Cassie Edelstein

I am looking forward to spending the last months of this semester with my friends before we all move to different cities to begin our careers.

Abbey Markley

I am really excited for Spring Break! It’s going to be one of the final opportunities to spend time with all the friends I met at Ohio State!

As you can see, everyone has a lot to look forward to this semester. Whether it may be getting a little extra sleep before their classes or making the most of being in Columbus and hanging out with friends. I am really eager to see all that I will learn and all the memories I will make during my last semester here!

Author: Celine Chehade

Undergrad Institution: The Ohio State University Undergrad Major: Operations & Accounting Previous Employer: EY Job Title: Assurance Intern