What to expect in first round interviews

Hi again!

A a few weeks ago I mentioned that I would get back to you on interview updates now that the career fair rush has finally passed. After giving my elevator speech to what felt like 100 people, passing out resumes at both the Accounting and Fisher Career Fair, and applying for positions on FisherConnect, I have scheduled interviews with 3 companies. Typically, companies that recruit at Fisher have a two-three round interview process before issuing offers to qualified candidates. The first round (what I am experiencing right now) is of course the most important.

The first round is where you give your first impression, allows the recruiter to see how you handle pressure and if you would fit with the company’s personality/if you even have a full understanding of the company itself, and provides an opportunity to ask questions (you should always ask questions). The time frame for all of this is only about 30 minutes to an hour-not much time at all to make a lasting impression. In my experience, the type of questions asked in a first round interview are primarily behavioral-though this year I have been surprised at the more conversational interview structure so far. While I am of course not an expert or a pro at interviewing by any means, I think these 5 points have been helpful in my interview experience during my Undergraduate Career here at Fisher and so far in the MAcc program:

1. Know Yourself-be prepared to describe who you are, what you hope to accomplish, and why the recruiter should hire you

2. Know the company-understanding the company you are interviewing for seems obvious, but it is still important! I once had an interview in which the first words out of the recruiter’s mouth were “Tell me everything you know about our company.”

3. Prepare some behavioral style examples-I think it is helpful to keep track of leadership examples, milestones you have achieved, struggles, etc. so your mind doesn’t go completely blank in the interview room.

4. Dress smart-another given, but still important. As an accounting student, black suit/white shirt conservatism is a must.

5. Ask questions and follow up-Recruiters love talking about their jobs and of course remember if you follow up with them.

I know those are simple tips-but definitely a list I keep in mind during the interview process. Stay tuned for any second round interview updates! Wish me luck :-).