I Gave it A Tri :: The Ohio State Indoor Triathlon

This past weekend was the (fifth?) annual Ohio State Indoor Triathlon.  Contrary to what you may think, the event is open to anyone, and is set up in such a way that literally anyone can participate and have a good time!  I decided to give it a “tri” this year, and am so so incredibly glad I did.  You should try it next year!

You start out in the pool.  When you register, they ask roughly how fast you swim, so you get placed in a section of swimmers that swim a similar pace.  I am by no means a swimmer, so this was comforting for me.  Further, you get your own lane!  I didn’t have to worry about getting in people’s way, or slowing down anyone who might be faster than me.  And the nicest part about the swim?  Its only 10 minutes long.  That’s right – you swim as long or short as you want, using any stroke you choose, in your own lane, for only 10 minutes!

Next, you have 10 minutes to walk upstairs to start the bike portion.  Again, really nicely done.  You simply tell one of the volunteers your name, pick out a stationary bike, and then when the clock starts ride for 20 minutes.  You can choose any resistance that you want, making your ride as hard or easy as you’d like it to be.  They have music playing in the background, or you’re welcome to listen to your ipod or play on your phone!  And the volunteers walk around and cater water and Powerade to you….service at its finest!

To finish off the day, you are given three minutes to stretch out after your bike before you begin the run.  The run is 15 minutes around the indoor track in the RPAC.  You run in a group of 10 people, so the track is by no means crowded.  Again, you go at your own pace and run as long or short as you want.

The entire event was really well done, and I wish I had done it in my undergrad days here.  I’m so glad I finally got the chance to “tri” it (had to do it one more time), and definitely recommend you do the same!  There will be another, shorter indoor triathlon on February 19th as well – this one celebrates John Glenn’s flight on Friendship 7.  You know I’ll be there – will you?