The “Hi!” Parade

This week I have continued to experience the awesome Fisher (and, in particular, MAcc) community. I can walk around other parts of OSU’s campus and see people walking silently with their headphones in, but when I step into Gerlach Hall, there are always people working together or happily catching up with one another. After a morning that consisted of a non-Fisher class and studying at the library, it was a breath of fresh air to walk into Gerlach! I ran into one of my MAcc friends on the second floor, and we excitedly greeted each other. We then met up with another of our classmates in the hallway, found another one by the water fountain, and were joined by another one in the stairwell. Then, as we approached class, we cheerfully exclaimed “Hi!!!” to another of our classmates, did so again when we walked into the classroom, and again when we took our seats by other classmates.

I have termed this the “Hi parade,” as we kept exclaiming excited greetings as we walked through Gerlach, gathering a larger and larger group of happy students as we walked. There is nothing like this feeling of being known and welcomed by classmates, and it is amazing how excited we get even though we see each other on a regular basis 🙂

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