BUS M&L 855 Innovation Practice

After a long blogging hiatus: Welcome to Winter Quarter!  It’s a new decade and a new class schedule—this time with electives.  The first quarter was entirely “core” classes (predetermined foundational courses set for the entire MBA program).  This time around I was able to choose two courses outside of the required core courses.

As part of the Global Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership Program this summer, I took a week long “certificate-course” in innovation from Michael Bills.  The course focused on consumer centric innovation practices.  I enjoyed the course so much I decided to come back for the full course—BUS M&L 855 Innovation Practice—this winter.  According to the syllabus

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the opportunity to develop skills, and understanding of, the theory and application of innovation processes and a framework for its commercial application across various types and formats of businesses.

Bills has built a very popular courses since coming to Fisher a year ago.  In fact, the interest has spilled over into a student organization—Innovation Fisher—which is planning an innovation summit—called What IF—this spring.  This past Friday, I visited the Ohio Health Center for Medical Education & Innovation as the first Innovation Fisher site visit.

In addition to Innovation Practice, I’m also taking BUS MHR 825 Entrepreneurship & Business Plan Development—but that’s a story for another post.

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