Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship

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Championing the entrepreneurial spirit

Students, faculty, staff, and startup leaders connect with Ohio State’s startup ecosystem as well as the rapidly growing startup community in Central Ohio and beyond through The Tim and Kathleen Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship. The Center provides robust programming, access to funding opportunities, and essential connections to resources and expertise needed to translate ideas and concepts into business opportunities.


Through the Keenan Center, students connect with start-up companies and gain hands-on experience where they cultivate the skills and business acumen needed to be a successful entrepreneur. Connecting with other entrepreneurially- minded students, exposure to internships, project opportunities, and business development and pitch competitions are just a few of the reasons students are eager to become a part of the Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship.


Not only do students gain crucial experience working with start-up companies and mentors, start-up companies gain access to top talent within an emerging workforce as well as best- in -class research and facilities at Ohio State. In addition to providing internships and mentoring, many startup leaders are guest speakers at Center events and judges for various business competitions.

Faculty and Staff

Opportunities for university faculty and staff are plentiful at the Keenan Center. Guiding and mentoring students, providing subject matter expertise to start-up companies, and assistance with market research and commercial viability testing are some of the many reasons Ohio State faculty and staff work with the center.

Everyone who connects with the Keenan Center has access to the many entrepreneurial resources and accelerators that exist on a local, regional and national level. The Keenan Center has connections nationwide and is driven by its mission to continue advancing the university and the state as an economic powerhouse and a pioneering resource for emerging concepts and companies.


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